The Elms Jack of Spades
Posted on 2017 Jan 29 by bybash

DOB: 3/30/13
Height: 31 1/4"
Color: Dark Brown
Sire: LN O Pips 29"
Dam: LN Little Red Fiona 31"


-- SOLD and headed to 

North Carolina

Little Friends Andy
Posted on 2016 May 03 by bybash

DOB: 5/18/13
Height: 33"
Color: Light Brown and White Spotted
Sire: Little Friends Nacho Supreme 31 1/2"
Dam: Little Friends Daisy 32 1/2"


Sold and making his new home in Kansas!

From Us to You
Posted on 2016 Jan 07 by bybash

Some might call it for sale but we would like to consider it, from us to you. These animals are not like a four wheeler or a tractor or other farm implement for sale, each one has its own special place in our hearts. So you will understand if we have some ground rules on prospective buyers. First and foremost, we have to know that our animals are going to homes where they will be cared for. No brainier, right? You might be surprised. Next, potential owners must understand that these are herd animals and require companionship. We prefer other donkeys, but any equine will suffice. Lastly, potential owners must understand that the mini's are NOT guard animals. We won't sell them as such.