This is a special page to recognize some very special people. Not all are so fortunate to have experienced the deepest connection of friendship available to humanity. We have, and would like to honor our husbands in appreciation and affection, Jerry and John. They are our true North, and believe me when I say these gentlemen are everything a country girl could ever want or need. They help us in immeasurable ways constantly around the ranch. From weather predictions to varmint reduction techniques, you men folk really get it done, so here's to you.

Next we want to recognize the boys. Keeping all the haylofts full, the barn lots clean, all the fields watered, and everything else from taking care of the chickens to riding fence rows, display the character you young fellas have growing inside. We are just blessed beyond measure having you guys inside our fences.

This is where it starts to get tricky. Some people have had an interest in A&B Mini Ranch before there was an A&B Mini Ranch. We have enjoyed the growth, and we are reminded often of how lucky we are to have shared in your knowledge and grace. So, without muddying the water with politics and hurt feelings too much, we will just say thank you for your wisdom and your guidance and your friendship. It has meant a great deal to us over the years. You know who you are.

There's a lot of people that we should name that have contributed in some way or another to the ranch. But some in very special ways, like our veterinarians, who help us worry less, and feed supply stores. We can be picky about which rations our our animals consume. And to steal a phrase from a movie, our shipping location can be known as a geographical oddity, two weeks from anywhere. And getting what we want can indeed require a little push from time to time.

Some folks have contributed just by and supporting us, whether it is at a local Tractor Supply, or at the shows we have competed in. So we're grateful for the support from them.