Around The Ranch
Posted on 2016 Jan 07 by bybash

Yes, it's true. There are other animals here. Most notably, five little boys with appetites that rival Frank, the bull. We find them all over the ranch, doing chores and making discoveries. Oh they are quite skilled in equipment operation and hay distribution, but also demonstrate notable capabilities when it comes to fencing and digging too. You know we value those abilities!

We also maintain and keep pasture poultry. We have two pens with 25 golden comet hens in each that keep us in plenty of farm fresh eggs. We move the pens every couple of days for new ground for the chickens, which they appreciate. We also keep them in scratch and they reward us with three dozen eggs a day, or so.

Did you know we also keep a few dogs around. Mostly to shoo coyotes and UPS men, but also to keep the stray donkey-haters away. Say hello to Emma and Rex. Then throw a tennis ball. Next say hi to Annie and Duke. Think lightning bolt meets stalactite and that will describe Annie and Duke, respectively. Our dogs are important to us, no matter how hyper or lazy them seem.

Next we introduce Molly and her pick, Sean. Making friends with either of these two is real easy. Just feed one and scratch the other.